Threshold into the New (Year)

I don’t do resolutions.  The idea of gazing upon fireworks (so much money wasted and so many pets traumatised!) and schooling my 33yo ass to do better with â€˜carbs & booze & over-spending on second-hand Vans trainers I never wear’ does not appeal to my Leo Sun, Aries Moon little self in the slightest… I mean – I

New Moon in Taurus Medicine

My New Moon in Taurus (I write more about the energies surrounding this insanely pragmatic material oriented season here)  magickal workings were all about harnessing that bull discipline and fortitude in regards to changing my bipolar relationship with money and rising above the angry waves , grabbing my inner self-discipline and thriftiness (I know it’s there

Tarot is You

“We don’t see things as THEY are, we see things as WE are.” (Anais Nin) Tarot is not a tool of predicting future. Tarot is You. It’s a guidance instrument appealing to Your subconscious, helping You to unlock, recognise & understand points on Your journey that Your higher-self is already aware of. Magic is not

Page of Wands

“It doesn’t matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.” (Confucius) Today’s New Moon in Aries marks a pinnacle of energies we’ve been feeling since the beginning of a new astrological year on 21st March. If you haven’t joined in on the wild ride with this insanely confident and proactive ram, tonight

Shadow of the Moon

Every one is a Moon and has dark side which he never shows to anybody. (M. Twain) My highly spiritual flatmate and soul-sister Carol vehemently refuses reading horoscopes for the time AHEAD. The idea is that being aware of certain energies at play for the days or weeks ahead could (and for someone as gifted

Knight of Pentacles

Aaah! Sunday morning tarot for the week ahead. It’s always a good idea to ground yourself before diving in. Some people meditate, some create an appropriately magickal ambiance, for me weirdly coffee does the trick.. At the end of the day, a morning coffee is a ritual in its own right. Well, here we have

Three of Swords Medicine

Beginning of 2018, marked by the tumultuous lunar eclipse season, threw some serious kaka at me to deal with and find my peace with – loosing a job completely out of the blue and moving flat in a raging snow storm being just some of them. No matter how sorry I feel for myself, living

Wander In

Lavondyss. An endless magickal forest trapped in time, where myths become alive and walk side by side with an adventurer brave enough, or ready enough to enter and get lost in its many layers. Lavondyss is not only a huntingly profound and mind-bending novel by Robert Holdstock, but for me also a metaphor for spirituality.