New Moon in Pisces

aka thank you, but bye.. and oh, well hello again! Aaaand…breathe out. After the insane tumultuous rapid-fire energies of this past few months (with the eclipse season making sure the beginning of 2018 will be a whole heap of ‘fun’), this SUPER HEALING New Moon in Pisces marks the end of a big cycle of


(Opening with a bit of ramble, but fret not it will all make sense later.) And how’s your beginning of 2018 been like? I used to perceive each year as an autonomous bundle of lessons and experiences concluding at midnight of 31st December, the time of taking stock of the past 12months and hitting the

Wander In

Lavondyss. An endless magickal forest trapped in time, where myths become alive and walk side by side with an adventurer brave enough, or ready enough to enter and get lost in its many layers. Lavondyss is not only a huntingly profound and mind-bending novel by Robert Holdstock, but for me also a metaphor for spirituality.

Summer Solstice Pagan Flop

I feel like on general we’re becoming increasingly (and hazardously) apprehensive towards any sort of commitment. When it comes to signing up for a 24th month contract with EE in exchange of the new (admittedly quite amazing) Samsung phone, then wariness is in order (I know I’ll smash mine way before I finish paying it