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My colleague Matt Balaam (the debate is still going on as for how to pronounce his surname) passed my desk this morning, giving me thumbs up with:

‘Loving your hip set up here..’ – referring to my breakfast display.

*’Excuse me,’ I tried to protest: *’I’ll have you know this is a gluten-free courgette bread I made myself,…’

…and just like that my voice trailed off as I reviewed my arrangement including:

  • coffee in a fucking glass mason jar with a dollop of coconut oil
  • homemade paleo bread with **AVOCADO**
  • water kefir brewed from rooibos

Shock, horror – somehow unwittingly, running in a background; persistently but out of focus – like a white noise sleep-aid app, a hipster transformation had been at work.

Yes, I became a sign of Zeitgeist that TV shows like Girls or Master of None, or pretty much anything produced by Judd Apatow, would happily ridicule to death.

It’s thanks to the people that we’re surrounded by (inextricably linked to London being a melting pot of cultures¬†attracting adventurers/fools from all around the globe), the trends and influences, possibilities and opportunities for growth (again very much related to the City and the common shared social experience of being a Londoner) and also, perhaps controversially – being in my thirties, that shapes us in a completely intangible and unique fusion of – in my case –

  • Someone who at one hand reads obsessively about biohacking and new anti-aging drugs, but then sit on a floor of morning underground train scribbling down in notepad plans for the spells and rituals for the upcoming New Moon in Scorpio (be ready for some powerful transformations and intense sexual yearnings !!! )..
  • ..a person who tries to push himself on the gym floor, but simultaneously instead of music, listens to ‘real ghost stories’ whilst swinging kettlebells.
  • Salivates uncontrollably over Vans trainers, and in the same breath illustrates his POVERTY¬†by the bitter fact he can’t afford microdermabrasion treatment or a massage AT LEAST ONCE A MONTH FORGODSAKE, and yes – bakes his own bread and puts coconut oil in his coffee…

And that’s what London is for me. Eclectic. Forever both wondrous and scary; exactly for what makes London so great – the freedom…to become anything – and easily three different version of who you could be – in a month.

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